Fountain damage update

September 10, 2022

The main entrance fountain was unfortunately soaped last night (September 8th) by unknown individuals.  One of the HOA board members shut off power to the fountain late last night in order to prevent the soap from further circulating and damaging the new pump that the HOA installed this summer.

This morning, All Green, the landscaping company hired by the HOA, drained the fountain entirely and replaced the float which had seized. A pump safe commercial defoaming agent was added to ensure the pumps integrity is protected. The fountain is now is back on and operational, with minimal suds remaining. 

We hope that this incident will not occur again and will continue to address future issues promptly. It is costly to drain and clean the fountain, and soap damages the mechanics of the pump system.   We ask that any residents who may have security footage of the incident email that footage to the HOA board so that we can report it to the authorities.  We will continue to explore options to prevent this reoccurring issue. Thank you.