HOA Purpose and elected board members

The KOTR HOA is a not-for-profit company governed by the Societies Act, RSA 2000, c S-14. It was created to ensure that certain features and amenities of the community are maintained and managed for the long-term use and enjoyment of its member residents. The KOTR HOA may set a desired course for the use of common areas, such as the community’s landscaped areas, and helps ensure their financial sustainability over time. As part of the Keswick on the River area development plan, MLC designed features to enhance the visual appearance of the community. These features are not maintained by the City of Edmonton, beyond basic grass maintenance and snow removal. As part of the development permit approval process, the City required an HOA to be put in place to maintain these features. An encumbrance is registered at land titles on each property within Keswick on the River.

A copy of the Encumbrance ought to have been provided to you by your lawyer upon purchase of your property.  A copy of your Certificate of Title and/or the Encumbrance may be ordered through a registry agent.

Current elected board members

Romus Lam, President

Ali Gillani, Vice President

Rob Petersen, Director

Shellie Sigurdson, Director

Evelyn Lam, Director

Maritza Leach, Director