Councillor Cartmell Ellerslie Road Update

October 06, 2022

Councillor Cartmell has an important update to share regarding the closure of Ellerslie Road.

Good Afternoon Everyone;

I would like to share an update regarding the closure of Ellerslie Road (9 Ave) west of 170th Street.

Earlier this week, City Administration communicated to my office that the road closure will take place on October 6, 2022.
Old Ellerslie Road will be permanently closed from 170th Street to 178th Street / Wright Drive.

The road closure was passed by City Council at a Public Hearing On September 13, 2022. The meeting minutes from the meeting on September 13th can be viewed by clicking here and scrolling down to items 3.16-3.20. 

This closure is consistent with the long term development plan for Keswick and Langdale. The recent construction of Keeping Way and the traffic light at Heller Road and 170 st, the new road network is now capable of carrying traffic at the level required to allow this road to be closed.

The north-south intersections at 173rd Street and 178th Street / Wright Drive will remain open.

Below is a map that outlines which section of the roads will be permanently closed and what sections will remain open: