Skating Rink is open

December 24, 2022

December 24th

Your HOA board is excited to announce the opening of KOTR community rink. There are a few pylons at the rink. Please do not move them as these areas will be fixed shortly.

Hockey is permitted on the rink. 

HOA will not be administering ice times. The board recommends using common courtesy for sharing the rink:

  • Keep hockey game sessions within reason.
  • If a full hockey game (10+ people) is occurring, please ask how long the game will last and come back again.
  • If a partial game is occurring, ask if the rink can be split into half so all parties can enjoy the rink. If not comfortable asking, come back later.
  • If people are out for a skate, hockey players shouldn't go and interrupt that by starting a game unless the majority of people want it.
  • Hockey games do not occur every hour of every day. There will be empty ice times for residents to use for normal skating. Check back again.
  • Be adaptive and flexible.
  • Be polite and have open communication on site.
  • Be respectful and kind to each other.

The following sign will be dropped off at the rink in the new year. 

The HOA built the rink for the community to share. Let's all enjoy it together!

Thank you,

December 9th

All Green will be filling the rink with water this morning. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience to traffic south of Keswick Blvd at the east entrance of the community. All Green will set up ramps over the water hose to allow traffic to move freely. A reminder that residents and children must stay off the skating rink area until you receive confirmation from the board (on this website). There are final logistics and inspection required before we officially open the rink to the community.

Stay tuned!

November 26th

A big thanks to volunteers that came out to assist Steve, Rob, Rob, and Alice (HOA board members) with the rink light install. A resident backing onto the rink has graciously provided power for the skating rink lights. We also have purchased lights and decorations for the fountain and thank our volunteers who will be installing them over the next few days.

Phase 3 will require installation of liner and water. A reminder that the rink is not a permanent fixture and will be dissembled in spring. We will incorporate lessons learned and explore options to make enhancements to the area to make future installs efficient.

We ask residents and children to stay off the skating rink area until construction is fully completed.

We hope you are excited as we are and updates will be provided as we make progress.


November 24, 2022

Hi Residents,

We are hoping to continue work on the community rink this Saturday (November 24th) @10am for a few hours. 

The plan is to:

  1. Add more braces around the perimeter to secure standing frame.
  2. Distribute hay bales around the perimeter and firepit area. The hay bales are being delivered Friday evening.
  3. String lights and run extension cords. We already installed poles for the lights.

Tools needed if available: chop saw, grinding disc to cut rebar, drill, hammer, tape measure, and ladder (to run string lights).

If you are able to come out, it would be much appreciated and looking forward to working together!

November 12, 2022

Another successful day as the rink frame is finally up. Big thanks to our KOTR residents that showed up today eager to join Rob and Steve (HOA board members) with the project. 

We will be working on site tomorrow (Nov 12th) at noon to reinforce the standing frame. If any residents are around and want to come out, please join us! 

Left to right: Aaron, Cody, Andrew, Andrew, Mike, Rob and Steve.

Missing from picture: Peter and Sang

November 11, 2022

Hi KOTR community members,

The rink has been approved and building has commenced today beside the park location. 

All Green Landscapers (Keswick's Landscaper contractors) has graciously donated their skid steer to remove the snow at the rink location and built a snow mountain for the kids to play on. They also stayed on site to donate their time and tools to assist with framing of the rink. They continue to go above and beyond for this community. A big thank you to Mike, Aaron, Lars and Peter (our fellow KOTR residents) for volunteering along side Steve and Rob (HOA board members). 

Framing work will commence at 11:30am tomorrow (Nov 12th). If any residents are around and want to come out, please join us!