KOTR Community Rink - Open

January 03, 2024 — 10:55 AM

Your HOA board is excited to announce the opening of KOTR community rink.

Hockey is permitted on the rink. 

HOA will not be administering ice times. The board recommends using common courtesy for sharing the rink:

  • Rink is for resident use only
  • Keep hockey game sessions within reason.
  • If a full hockey game (10+ people) is occurring, please ask how long the game will last and come back again.
  • If a partial game is occurring, ask if the rink can be split into half so all parties can enjoy the rink. If not comfortable asking, come back later.
  • If people are out for a skate, hockey players shouldn't go and interrupt that by starting a game unless the majority of people want it.
  • Hockey games do not occur every hour of every day. There will be empty ice times for residents to use for normal skating. Check back again.
  • Be adaptive and flexible.
  • Be polite and have open communication on site.
  • Be respectful and kind to each other.

The following sign will be dropped off at the rink in the new year.